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This is my videosetup in the homeoffice

Aktualisiert: 11. Jan. 2022

Hi there,

I started to build my Videostudio in April 2020 during the pandemic lockdown. Since then I have done over 100 workshops and livestreams. And I have continouisly build up my videohardware.

Because sharing is caring you will find here all my best practice equipment and how I use it. These are affiiliate links, that will give me some money back, but you do not pay more then normal. Thanks for supporting me.

My Homeoffice Setup:

The most important: a good but affordable camera:

This lens is great in homeoffice. Small aperture makes a nice blurred background:

This helping hand is fantastic. I know it is expensive, but it works perfekt and my camera ist totally solid:

Cameracabel to the elgato hdmi grabber

Very important: you need always enough power for the camera. So please buy a power adapter. It makes everything much easier than batteries:

What a great light! You can put in on the camera and it has super high power, but you can dimm it as you want. And you can change the color temperature. So everything is possible in the homeoffice:

Just to get the camera picture best in your computer you can use this nice small hdmi grabber. Works perfekt with every conference solution, like Teams, Zoom, Webex,….

Elgato Cam Link 4K, Live-Streamen und Aufnehmen mit DSLR, Action Cam oder Camcorder in 1080p60 oder 4K bei 30 fps, HDMI Capture-Gerät, USB 3.0You want some nice light in the background. Many possible things are in the market, but nothing is so good like this Hue light. Over 1m high with all possible colors it makes a very nice background Tipp: buy tweo and put one on the right side and one on the left side outside the viewing angle of the camera. You do not need a philipps Hue base. This lamp works also via bluetooth:

This is where the magic begins: here you see my Teleprompter which works up to 13″ monitors. It can be mounted at the Manfrotto Magic Arm:

This is the biggest teleprompter monitor I have found for a good price. 11″ are ok, 13″ would be better. But: normal monitors do not have the mirror function like this one. If you do not buy this one, beware of the possibility to mirror the picture. or just use this one:

Here is my microphone : the Rhode podcaster.


And here the best mixer for the microphone and meeting sound:

And the important cable:

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